15 Helpful (not so common) Resources for a Successful Online Business

"I have been working with Kara for over one year.  She's been a resourceful business coach and has helped me through some personal issues.  She's easy to talk to and has lots of great info for growing a therapy/coaching business."

Helen C
what's in this compiled list?
unique resources, not the same old suggestions
You'll get some fun new ideas  to get your business organized, as well as free branding and market research websites and much more. 

You'll be delighted with the helpful websites/apps that you can use DAILY regarding market research, building your email list which will make growing your business a heck of a lot easier.  
enhance your SOCIAL MEDIA SITES 
Quick and effective ways to enhance your social media posts and videos. 

There are tips and tricks that may surprise you regarding copywriting, creating videos and your professional photos.
Hi there!  

I'm Kara James, a certified Business & Entrepreneur coach. I also have certifications in Integrative Wellness & Life Coaching, Life Purpose Coaching, Motivational Coaching as well as Digital Marketing. I coach consultants, coaches, & service providers on how to create an online business from scratch, as well as a lucrative signature program, and also coach those who have an existing online business scale and grow that business without getting "stuck" along the way (as is far too common) and without feeling overwhelmed.
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